About us

About Us

Your Top Choice

westernbancorp-hdqTwo simple steps, we do the rest. We don’t believe in red tape and burdensome processes, we believe in making it easy. Our relationship driven approach means we are dedicated to our partnerships. This is demonstrated by how easy we are to work with. Just two simple steps to submit a new loan and new customers can submit and lock loans the very same day they request to join our network. Partner with us today and we will show you why we should be your top choice too.

Our Business Model

Western Bancorp founder and CEO Rick Soukoulis, has a proven track record of delivering game-changing technology and services. We are constantly innovating new solutions to serve our clients needs.

Western Bancorp’s proprietary digital loan management system LMS Xpress is a market leading technological platform designed for speed and efficiency. We thrive on breaking down barriers and creating an environment where we are the top choice for our customers. We do this by:

  • Price: Provide a consistent and highly competitive price without sacrificing service.
  • Technology: We provide unprecedented automated services with our proprietary technology LMS Xpress.
  • Transparency: Our tools give our customers complete visibility to all the information they need throughout the loan process.
  • Access: We have an open door policy which means you get direct access to anyone and everyone, including underwriters and the leadership team.
  • Advanced Analytics: Providing technological integrations to offer unique products and services such as Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty™.

If you are looking for a lender partner who can help build your business, view our LMS Xpress demo and join our team of qualified professionals today.